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Are you ready to abroad?

Are you aiming and planning to continue your studies abroad? Studying abroad offers an unforgettable and extraordinary experience, providing numerous benefits.

Personal development such as confidence, independence, appreciation, and others can be cultivated when you pursue studies abroad.

This process certainly prepares your career more effectively and helps in achieving your dreams. The experience of interacting with friends from all over the world also helps to enhance understanding and gain experiences that you may not necessarily obtain when traveling as a tourist or just reading books. So what do you expect from studying abroad?

Before you actually study abroad, you need to prepare yourself and everything that is needed. Don’t worry, the process is not difficult, but it requires thorough understanding and good preparation. Of course, guidance from each of our experienced counselors can facilitate your preparation process.

Assistance are free for you!



Arranging important documents for studying abroad, including accurately and timely fulfilling administrative requirements.


Consultation for studying abroad

Personal guidance in choosing suitable study programs and institutions, as well as providing in-depth information about education opportunities abroad.


Application registration processing

Guidance in the application process, from forms to supplementary documents, ensuring the submission of complete and compliant applications.


English Language Placement Test

Preparation and administration of English language proficiency tests, accompanied by support for improving English language skills if needed.


Translation of Academic Report or Transcript

Assistance in translating and preparing academic reports, ensuring accuracy of information for applications to educational institutions.


Assist Settings

Student Visa
Airline reservation
Finding Accommodation
Arranging Airport Pickup

*Terms and conditions apply.

Easy Steps to Study Abroad

Explore the World with Ease: Choose a Program, Consult with Experienced Counselors, Prepare Documents, and Enjoy Your Journey Studying Abroad!


Prepare Your English Language Skills

Studying in English-speaking countries typically requires proof of English proficiency, usually in the form of TOEFL or IELTS test results.

If you lack confidence in taking the English language test, then prepare adequately to enhance your results. One way is to enroll in ALFALINK English Course.

There, you will learn tips, tricks, and even easy ways to achieve the best results with experienced teachers.


Consult your study plan.

Plan your study goals with our counselors to get the best guidance. Explore program options and degrees through education fairs or info sessions.

Join ALFALINK Study Tour to experience life as an international student. If you’re confused, contact our counselors for complete information on requirements, culture, tuition fees, and estimated living expenses.


Apply to the University of your choice.

Understand the requirements and procedures for filling out the application forms for each program and department before the deadline. Prioritize school assignments to avoid delays.

Contact our experienced counselors for guidance and assistance in document submission. Make sure to submit your application as soon as possible to avoid any issues that may arise due to late submission. 


Apply Student Visa

When you receive the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from the university, you should check whether you have a student visa.

If you don’t have it yet, our Visa Officer is ready to assist you with the student visa process. Pay close attention when processing visa documents, as the visa approval process can take several months.


Arrange accommodation, flight tickets, and airport pickup.

Discuss accommodation options with your parents, considering options on or around campus. If unavailable, explore alternatives such as apartments or sharing with other students.

Ask our counselor for advice on local accommodations. Next, book your tickets and arrange airport pickup with the assistance of our counselor.


Pre Departure Briefing

Just before you depart, we will invite you to attend a pre-departure briefing before heading abroad.

We will discuss topics such as what to bring/not to bring, cultural differences in socializing, and preparing documents upon arrival and immigration regulations.


Arrive and Begin Your Studies

It’s your time! You’re ready to embark on your journey. Be excited! And build connections! Our counselors remain your partners, even while you’re studying.

So, if you encounter any difficulties while abroad, you can speak with our counselors or the International Student Staff at your campus. Smile and get ready to chase your dreams.