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About Us

ALFALINK is the largest and most trusted overseas education consultant/agent in Indonesia. We have a vision to assist students in pursuing studies abroad.

For us, providing the best and wholehearted service is a value we continuously prioritize. We have been providing consultation for studying abroad and assisting in preparing for overseas studies since 2001.


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We strive to do our best to continue growing rapidly so that our services can be easily accessed by you.


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2 Decades of Experience, Providing the Best for You.

We aim to contribute positively to the Indonesian education sector by providing professional development opportunities for students, opening avenues for studying abroad.

The Qualified Education Agent Counselor (QEAC)

We take pride in being the first overseas education consultant in Indonesia to be awarded The Qualified Education Agent Counselor (QEAC). This serves as motivation for us to continually enhance our services for you.

Why you should choose Us ?

Special Trust from the Australian Embassy for E-Visa

Having gained special trust from the Australian Embassy, we are capable of processing student visas electronically (e-visa). This facility is not possessed by all overseas education consultants, showcasing our commitment to providing superior services.

Easier Language Preparation with ALFALINK

With ALFALINK, language preparation becomes easier. As the official TOEFL iBT® test center in Indonesia by Educational Testing Service (ETS), we provide access to internationally recognized English proficiency tests.

Official IELTS Test Registration Institution accredited by the British Council Indonesia Foundation

ALFALINK has been appointed as the official IELTS test registration institution by the British Council Indonesia Foundation. We are committed to providing the best access and support in facing this test.

Leading Service Quality with the Motto 'There are Always Ways with Us'

Through client testimonials and their ratings, ALFALINK is recognized for prioritizing quality service, accurate information, and quick responsiveness. Our motto, ‘there are always ways with us,’ serves as the foundation for providing the best service to achieve the goal of studying abroad.

Experienced Counselors with International Training

ALFALINK counselors regularly undergo training from reputable institutions such as the Australia Education Center, AMINEF, Singapore Tourism Board, and others. They are also actively participating in workshops in various countries to enhance their insights and experiences in providing the best guidance.

Comprehensive Service at No Additional Cost

ALFALINK provides study consultation, registration assistance, and student visa processing assistance at no additional cost. From study planning to airport pick-up, we are ready to be your trusted partner in realizing your study abroad dreams.

Legalities and Certifications

We have several awards, legalities, and official certifications.