Unforgettable Moment as International Student

If you’re still curious and don’t have a clear picture of what studying abroad will be like in the future?LET’S join ALFALINK!

Explore and Discover Melbourne

In this study tour, you will be accompanied by experienced tour leaders who will assist participants from the beginning to the end of the program.

This program offers an exciting and enjoyable opportunity for you to gain experience as an international student living abroad, and you can also practice your English language skills during the study tour program.

You will experience exciting and unforgettable opportunities while staying in homestay and becoming part of a local family.


Students go abroad

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This program offers you



Learn English and practice speaking English with host parents and friends from overseas.



Visiting many prestigious universities and doing campus tours. Traveling (farm stay, playing in the snow, and other exciting activities)



During the study tour program, you will stay in homestays with host parents who are qualified to act as legal guardians for international students. Additionally, you can also enjoy breakfast and dinner provided by the host family.



In this program, ALFALINK Study Tour participants will be encouraged to use public transportation, such as buses, trains, and trams, to enhance their real-life experience, which is truly exciting for them.


Implementation Time

Dates as requested



"Students from 9th grade to 12th grade (aged 15-18 years old)."

*Terms and conditions apply.

Why should you participate in the ALFALINK study tour program

Explore the World with Ease: Choose a Program, Consult with Experienced Counselors, Prepare Documents, and Enjoy Your Journey Studying Abroad!


Experience the study atmosphere abroad

Plan your study goals with our counselors to get the best guidance. Explore program options and degrees through education fairs or info sessions.


Develop English language skills

If you lack confidence in taking the English language test, then prepare adequately to enhance your results. One way is to enroll in ALFALINK English Course.


Visit various top universities

While abroad, you will visit many top universities and take part in campus tours, experiencing firsthand the life of students abroad.


Make new friendships

There, you will meet many new friends and learn tips, tricks, and even easy ways to achieve the best results with experienced teachers.


Experience firsthand as an international student

Join ALFALINK Study Tour to experience life as an international student. If you’re confused, contact our counselors for complete information on requirements, culture, tuition fees, and estimated living expenses.