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Thank you for your participation in ALFALINK English Competition and
Photography Competition 2018.

Congratulations to those who are shortlisted to go to the Semi Final (English Competition) and Final Round (Photography Competition)!
Please check the list below to see if you will continue to the next round.

For those who are not called back, we thank you for your submission. ALFALINK Competition will be here again next year, so make sure you check back in October!

English Competition - Semi Finalists:

1 Jeremiah Widi Putera Ignatia Jennifer Onggowidjaja
2 Sebastiann Nussmann Wetik Eline Davina Budi
3 Abraham Mauritz Talakua Karin Davina
4 Gabrielle Illene Catherine Nina
5 Valerie Victorine Puteri Halim Chrysan Angela Piarso
6 Nicholas Hadiprayitno Kinori Shafa
7 Patrick Steven Evan Tobias
8 Julian Dharma Tandy Valerie Josephine Dirjayanto
9 Gabrielle Pantjadarma Phan Nicole Fellice Ko
10 Cherine Wijaksono Brandon Louis

Finalists - Photography Competition:

1 Aldi Cipta Pratama Generasi Terakhir Maestro Topeng Malangan
2 Thomas Kurniawan Sekuat Gatot Kaca
3 Sean Sutrisno Hanuman Duta




The registration deadline for English & Photography Competition
has been extended to Dec 22, 2017.

Get your things together and get registered!


Welcome to the webpage of ALFALINK English Course Competition!

The 8th Annual ALFALINK English Course Competition is around the corner! As usual, we will have the English Competition and another Photography Competition this year. Competing teams, be prepared to show off your skills in areas of reading, listening, speaking and writing. And for those of you with a knack of photography... be prepared to showcase your best shot!

Read on to see details on the competition!

Teams of 2 people from the same high school.
Each high school might enter more than one team.
Registration fee: Rp 100.000/team.


Form a team of two (2) students from your school (see Rules and Registration).

Write an essay of 450-550 words on the topic of "Appreciation". Here is the essay prompt:

Describe what appreciation is, and include examples of forms of appreciation you encounter in your life.

The essay should be typed using the following format:
Font: Times New Roman
Size: 12 pt
Line spacing: 1.5
Margin: 3 cms (all around)
Type: .doc / .docx

Submit the essay along with the registration form no later than December 16, 2017 to
(1) ALFALINK Surabaya offices (hard copy) OR
(2) email to (soft copy)

* Only 10 teams will go to the Semi Final. The list of the semi finalists will be posted on this website and contacted by phone on January 8, 2018.

Semi Final and Final Round

The Semi Final and Final Round is going to be held on January 21, 2018 at SHERATON Hotel, Surabaya, at the same time as ALFALINK EDUCATION EXPO 2018.

The 10 teams will have to use their Listening, Reading, and Speaking skill. Each team will be presented with a Reading and Listening passage. Then, the teams will be given some time to prepare for a 5 minute presentation. They are also allowed to bring their own work station (laptop, modem, etc) in order to access the Internet.

The best 5 teams with the most wonderful idea, the most excellent English language skill, and the best presentation will proceed to the Final Round. Those teams will have to make an impromptu speech based on a given topic for the Final Round.

Finally, 3 teams will be selected as the first, second and third winner. The result will be announced at the end of the ALFALINK INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION EXPO at 6 PM.

Are you in?

See details of Photography Competition



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